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This computer system (including all hardware, software, electronic mail and the network) that you have accessed or will access is for the sole use of Company-authorized users (including contractors, consultants, and employees) in their conduct of Company-related business. Anything created, obtained or retained on the system is the property of the Company. All persons accessing the system without, or in excess of, their authority or otherwise inappropriately using the system are subject to disciplinary action, including termination and/or criminal prosecution.
In accordance with applicable law, the Company regularly monitors the system for a variety of purposes including maintenance, protection of Company people and property and to investigate inappropriate activity. By using the system, you acknowledge that the Company reserves the right to access and monitor all uses of and information sent or received through the computer systems. Any suspected misuse should be immediately reported to the location Corporate Security representative.
System users are accountable for the use and security of their passwords.